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Shrove Tuesday - 1st March

Are you ready for a flippin' marvellous Pancake Day?

We have everything you need including gluten free alternatives and decadent sauces!

We are proud stockist of quality local flour from independent family millers Wessex Mill. Our customers rate it and we hope you will too!

Don't let a gluten free diet spoil your Shrove Tuesday fun! We're stocking Mrs Crimble's Pancake and Batter Mix so you don't miss out! Just add milk, eggs and vegetable oil and get tossing!

Not only are we stocking all the ingredients for the batter mix, but the toppings too! Go traditional with sugar and lemon juice or push the boat out with some of our suggested sauces.

If you've tried Carmel's famous Sticky Toffee Pudding then you won't be able to resist their Sticky Toffee Sauce, Cartmel suggest serving with barbequed banana!

Or loose yourself in the chocolatey gooiness of Jude's Belgian Chocolate Sauce!

Don't leave it until the last minute, check your pantry and stock up now to avoid disappointment!

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