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News From The Vineyard - June 2021

It’s been a very cold and wet April and May and as a result the buds are late developing. However the Chardonnay buds are coming along quite well now and the Pinot Meunier are showing promise however the Pinot Noir are still late developing.

We call our 35-year old tractor Fred and the shed we erected in January was originally meant for him but he will now have to stay outside and the shed will be used for storage and tastings.

Mark and our helper, Tomas have been laying flooring and now putting in a kitchen.

Other activities - The Premises Licence has been granted by Test Valley Council from 1st August so we will be all set to sell our sparkling wine when it is ready mid -to- late August.

The website is in progress and the labels are nearly finalised. Watch this space!

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