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Meet The Team: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is our Post Office Manager and has worked in the store since 2017.

She has previously worked for the The Vyne (a National Trust property) and Stockbridge Pharmacy.

She was brought up in Purley (near Croyden in ‘Sauf Lundun’) but has lived in a few places in the south of England. In 2011 she settled at Warrenfield Farm just down the road, with her husband Mike, where she converted the existing barn into her home.

If you’ve ever bought a Christmas turkey from Clatford’s Village Store, it will have been reared by Elizabeth! She also keeps Hereford cattle, Hampshire Down x Texel sheep and hybrid laying hens on her farm.

In her spare time she enjoys gardening and sewing. In fact, Elizabeth was formally trained at The Royal School of Needlework in hand embroidery!

She also enjoys cooking and makes and sells her own pies with her own farm reared meat, which leads us nicely on to her favourite Clatford’s Village Store product; Wessex Mill Plain Flour.

Elizabeth says that it makes great pastry; she suspects this is because of the good gluten content. She also appreciates the little touches that you may not have even noticed. If you turn over the packet, in fine print, you will find the variety of wheat used and name of the farm where it was grown.

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